Thursday, 11 February 2010

The UK Rocks!!

The U.K. Rocks!

It is no secret that tourists flock to England every year for a wide variety of different reasons. While some people are drawn to the sheek art galleries that line London’s quaint, well planned streets, others are mesmorized by the hospitality and cordial demeanor of the well-mannered residents. 

England provides tourists around the globe with the unique ability to casually stroll down miles of gorgeous beaches taking in the naturally glorious scenery, and simultaneously obtains thousands of acres of rolling green hills dotted with cozy cabins and rustic cottages, which prove to both captivate and inspire on all levels. In addition to obtaining natural splendors for the eye to enjoy, England’s architecture and semblance of cultural awareness proves to be vast.  Its deep seated historical achievements and heros are frequently recognized and  interwoven into not only entertainment industry, but into the hearts of the many residents that reside there. Krish of Krishsw19 caught up with some fellow Etsians to find out what they love about the UK. Read on...

I've only been to England once and I loved the red phone booths and the lamp posts. -Bonjourpierre

The universities, and their incredible wealth of vast academic resources -WinchesterLambourne

The accents are fabulous, the beer is tasty and plentiful, the street markets are really great there too. I used to shop at Camden market and really loved seeing all the different things for sale. It is the best and cheapest place to get a good curry in London too.-Quiteclever

I miss the fields of sheep crossed by public walking paths. The green rolling countryside divided by stone walls. And old, half-ruined castles. (I lived in the Cotswolds for three years.) -LaBeq

 I love the public transport, NHS, being anonymous, people can understand my accent, and having such easy access to the rest of Europe.-Dippylulu

 Where do I start?! The wonderful variety of our coastal scenery - everything from the rugged splendour of the cliffs at Whitby to the beautiful expanses of golden beaches such as the one at Holkham, in Norfolk. The English ghost story - one of the best writers of which, in my opinion, was M R James. That's not to say there'll never be better - I've just discovered Susan Hill and I really like her style and am looking forward to reading more. Our traditional cookery - when it's done well, it's superlative. I think I first really began to appreciate traditional English cookery many years ago when, on holiday in Cornwall, I experienced a home-made Cornish pasty and a cream tea all on the same day!! The traditional English pub; even though I'm not a beer drinker, I just *love* that atmosphere. Our history, it's everywhere. From beautiful towns like York - where it's literally under every step you make - to the quirky, almost forgotten, things like old milestones. Even the climate (OK then, weather!) Notoriously unpredictable but I so love to experience the transitions between the seasons the way it happens here.-LindenTreeDesigns

I love the pub culture! Glorious beer gardens in the summer, candlelit cosy havens with a roaring fire in the winter! I also love how polite us english are- I once bumped into a lampost and said 'sorry'!! Just out of habit. Also I love sunday roasts, english humour, and cups of tea.-JemporiumVintage

Bass Ale, Bristol music, Bur, Fish & Chips, Alfred Hitchcock, The Jam, John Lennon, Morrissey, New Order, Newcastle Brown Ale, The Office, Oscar Wilde, Pet Shop Boys, Monty Python, Russell Brand, Peter Saville, Tea & sandwiches, Trafalgar Square, Kate Winslet.-CarlosSebastian

Throughout time, England has provided a unique attraction for tourists to explore, to learn, to appreciate natural beauty, and most importantly – to feel like they are truly a part of England’s larger overall picture. Many visitors claim that England, unlike any other places they have visited, seems to innately scoop them up in its arms and not only welcome them into its culture, but to include them in celebrating this world-renouned and celebrated community. Between its monarchy and governmental financial institutions that provide public venues for residents and tourists alike, there is never any lack of things to do!  Its dimly lit taverns and pubs, its serene delicately laced gardens, and its picturesque towns and naturally majestic scenery prove to not only provide beauty for the eyes, but inspiration for the artist in all of us!

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