Thursday, 11 February 2010

You never forget your first.....

The first sale on Etsy!

How exciting was it to get your first sale! I remember thinking my listing had 'dissapeared' and it took me a full five minutes before I was sure I had sold it! 

Read on to hear about how other people from Etsy reacted to the thrilling news!!

I had been on Etsy for about 3 weeks or so when I realized I had made my first sale!! (: It was the best thing to have happend to me, words cannot describe, its a feeling of self accomplishment. It was wonderful feeling knowing that someone did like my work, I think any sale whether my first or last will always make anyone feel great. (:

- Bebesdecor

My first sale was from my daughter. It was so much fun to find that first sale, as I had no idea what to expect when a sale was made. When I saw that it was Ashley who bought my first card, I had to laugh. I found through that sale what the whole Etsy process was like and how it worked. Thankfully I was able to see that all was set up correctly and worked just fine, because just a couple of days later, I got my first non-family sale. That put a whole new spin on exciting.


My first sale was great, I was getting advice on my shop from one of the lovely ladies on my DUST team and feeling a little deflated as I had been trying so hard and still no sales when her next msg popped up saying that I had just made my first sale as she loved one of my prints. It was really exciting I loved packaging it up and putting in my thankyou card I had designed and finally got to use... I have only had 4 sales though so they all still feel like that to me :)


lol, my first sale was about 3 weeks after I opened my store. It was to a total stranger, on the other side of the world pretty much! I woke up and checked my blackberry for emails, and I saw one that said Etsy Transaction. I remember thinking "What in the world is going on?" and there was another email from paypal. I then started getting mad, I thought someone had hacked into my account and was buying stuff!

But it was just a sale. :)


My first sale was so exciting! I opened my store almost 3 weeks ago and about a week after that I got a few sales right in a row. The best part was getting feedback from my first buyer. She loved the hat and commented on how well made it was. That was one of my worries, in a sea of hats and other items how do you communicate that you take pride in the items you post for sale, use the best materials and attention to detail. 

So far this is just a creative outlet, I'm looking forward to see what's going to happen next.


My first 3 sales came so slowly, and I made so little on them, that I was not overly impressed; reasonably happy, yes, but no "I'm on my way" feeling. Last fall, I changed my ideas around quite a lot; simplified my products immensely, changed my pricing, listed as woodworking instead of art - and suddenly - I sold 5 items as soon as listed. I was making more, frantically. Selling very well going into Christmas. I sold 37 of my "Little Old Trailer" line before Christmas. It was amazing, lots of work, but amazing.

So, my first sale(s) where not so much a thrill, but I stuck around, and when I finally got the right mix, then things went very well.


I had been listing on Etsy for about 2 weeks. I LOVED it! I was developing a forum addiction, ha. I was in not one, but two Treasuries, which was so exciting! So I was already riding high on the Etsy-love when...

Vanessa (an admin) posted that CBS was coming to do a taping and they needed some people to come down there and work on their stuff in the background for the cameras. I had no idea Etsy was in Brooklyn! Wooo! I was sooo there!

That day was so awesome and amazing in so many ways. I met all the admins (now my co-workers ha ha), and they and all the Etsy sellers there were so nice and cool and awesome. The Etsy office was so cute and Etsy-ish, just like you'd expect. And 3 (!!) admins bought underwear from me!

Yep, I truly met my destiny that day! So fun to relive it!


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  1. You are right... The first sale is so exciting... Very slow right now for me.. Great blog.